UAB IT and HSIS are continuing to follow emerging developments with the Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities. Below are more tips and information about updates for devices to help mitigate problems with these vulnerabilities.

AMD Blue Screen Issue

There have been a small number of reports with some AMD based systems getting into an unbootable state after applying updates.  Microsoft has temporarily paused sending certain updates to devices with AMD processors at this time to prevent “Blue Screen of Death” issues. There are a very small number of AMD-based Windows systems identified within the Campus infrastructure.  Technical staff are urged to apply any browser updates to AMD-based systems which may be negatively impacted.  More technical information is available at the URL listed. ( )

Web Browser Updates

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers have all released updates for their web browsers as a layer of security for the Spectre security vulnerability.  We strongly urge all web browsers be updated to current most builds to protect against the current known exploits in the wild.  Below are links from each of the major Web Browser vendors which have the most updated information.

Apple iOS and OSX Devices

Apple released updates for iOS, macOS High Sierra and Safari to defend against Spectre.  Additionally, mitigations have been released by Apple to defend against Meltdown in the past few days.  We urge that all iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X based platforms be updated as soon as possible to defend against attacks with these platforms.  More information is available at

Dell Firmware Updates

Dell has started releasing firmware updates from Intel for their product lines.  The below URL contains links to different classes of computers and the firmware version tested and approved by Dell for that hardware.  This list is being updated daily as firmware is released.  We recommend reviewing this and taking steps to update the hardware as recommended.