Provide a reliable framework of integrated tools and systems to enhance efficiency, encourage collaboration and facilitate solutions.


    1. Enhance the service catalog and develop a marketing plan for IT services and tools.
    2. Develop a framework to identify and prioritize campus-wide IT projects.
    3. Strengthen the project management office by standardizing methodologies and tools.

    1. Ensure funding for completion of the research admnistration information system project (IRAP) and ongoing maintenance.
    2. Identify cost efficiencies and new funding sources to support administrative systems and IT core services.
    3. Secure funding for on-going IT costs related to payment card industry compliance.
    4. Plan for increases in software licensing costs and renegotiate contracts.

    1. Provide an enterprise system to support the research community.
    2. Support recuriting and retention efforts for students by providing sytems that enable the university's goals.
    3. Upgrade human resources and financial enterprise resources and planning.
    4. Provide tools and solutions that support UAB's web presence initiatives.
    5. Assist partners in identifying a global business intelligence solution.

    1. Enhance the UAB identity management solution to ensure compliance to the latest standards.
    2. Strengthen governance and policies for data access and retention.
    3. Ensure compliance and harden security for administrative systems.
    4. Develop best practices and standards for information security (onsite and hosted) and implement distributed security plans.
    5. Implement automated tools to identify and redact sensitive data.

Resources for Staff:                                               Admin Systems Web Page