Congrats, Blazer! You are now an alumnus of UAB.

As you move away from campus life and towards your next adventure, it’s important to know the duration of your access to campus technology resources.

Email – One year

Once a Blazer, you are a Blazer for life. Your email address remains active and available for one year, post-graduation.  After 1 year, the account is deleted, and students are offered the option to forward their email to an external email account via our Blazer for Life program. Learn more about this process here.

Microsoft 365 – One year

Students have a one-year grace period for their Microsoft 365 account. This includes their access to OneDrive, PowerPoint, Word, and other Microsoft apps. During the one-year grace period, your access will not change. When the grace period expires, your account will be deleted. The data associated with a deleted account is kept for 30 days before being purged permanently. UAB IT recommends routine manual audits of your digital data. Remember, if you don’t need it, delete it. To prevent the loss of important documents, you should download any data stored in these apps before the one-year grace period ends.

Zoom – One year

After one year of an inactive Zoom license, your account via UAB will be deactivated. Zoom offers free accounts that have comparable preferences to the student version. You can create a new account via the Zoom website.

All software – Six months

At UAB, students have access to a variety of free software. Alumni have access to their current licensed software for up to six months past their graduation date. For Adobe Creative Cloud users with custom libraries and cloud storage, Adobe offers asset migration for graduating students. You can find out more on Adobe’s website.

If you need help with campus technology resources during your transition, contact AskIT at 205-996-5555 or submit a ticket at