UAB Libraries Student Employment

Welcome to the UAB Libraries student employment website! We are pleased that you have chosen UAB to further your academic studies. We value the students of UAB and are excited to be able to provide students the opportunity to earn financial support while in the pursuit of an education.

This website contains information pertaining to student employment within UAB Libraries. It serves as a portal to information regarding part time employment opportunities for UAB students, which includes the following:

  • Work study and financial aid information
  • Current job postings for student employment within UAB Libraries are posted on the UAB student website Hire a Blazer
  • Contact Information
  • Link to the UAB Libraries Student Handbook.

UAB Libraries employs students in the following categories:

Graduate Student Assistant

For certain jobs, UAB Libraries may wish to hire graduate student assistants. The preference for graduate students over undergraduate may be justifies under specific considerations including (but not limited to):

  • A higher degree of training and/or specific educational requirements for the job;
  • A job demanding greater skills;
  • A job demanding more maturity and/or responsibility than other student positions.

While other overall preference will be given to undergraduate students for library work study, graduate students should be considered on a job-specific basis.

Graduate student assistants can be hired in under the work/study program, which is highly desirable and these students will generally follow the same code of conduct and work rules as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Work Study Student

Most student positions within UAB Libraries will be filled by students assigned to and are receiving work study awards through the Financial Aid Office. Students in this category will generally work 12 – 16 hours per week based on the award status and will be follow the code of conduct and work rules as outlined in the Student Handbook.

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