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How can I transfer PDFs from my computer to my iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch?

For a small number of PDFs you may want to just e-mail them to yourself. This still requires a PDF reader application like iBooks be loaded on your mobile device.

Using iTunes

If you have iTunes you can download the iBooks app for your computer and also for your iPod/iPhone. Save PDFs in your iTunes iBooks library. When you sync your iPad or iPhone your PDFs will be transferred. (You will need to connect your device to your computer with the cable to transfer PDFs.)

Using Dropbox

Another option is to use Dropbox, a free application that gives you 2GB of free space. You'll need to download the DropBox app for your computer as well as your mobile device.
Place PDFs into the DropBox on one device and you'll be able to view them on any other device where you've downloaded Dropbox and associated it with your Dropbox account. Files you move to your Dropbox are stored on the device and online via Dropbox. You can download PDFs and other files from your Dropbox onto your iPhone or iPad by marking them as favorites. This will allow you to view files even when you're offline. See more help and screenshots for using Dropbox.

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