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What is the difference between EndNote and EndNote Online (formerly EndNote Web)?

EndNote is a software program for managing citations, citing references, and creating bibliographies. EndNote Online (formerly EndNote Web) is the Web-based equivalent. You can use either EndNote or EndNote Web as standalone reference manager programs, or you can use them together. The newest version of EndNote (X6) has an option to automatically sync EndNote with EndNote Web.

If you use only EndNote Online, you can perform all the basic bibliographic management functions: create a personal library of references, organize them into groups, insert them into a Word document, and format your Word document according to a variety of styles.

If you use only EndNote, you can perform all the basic functions mentioned above for EndNote Web, but you can also do a lot more in terms of finding/managing PDFs and customizing your library and its output. You can store an unlimited number of references in EndNote (vs. EndNote Web's 10,000 or 25,000 reference limit, depending on whether you link your EndNote Web account with EndNote). Many upper-level students, faculty, and researchers find these extra features extremely helpful. The potential downside of using only EndNote (vs. only EndNote Web) is that your library lives on your local machine. This makes it more difficult to access your library from other computers and share references with other people, if needed.

If you choose to use EndNote Online with EndNote, you get the best of both products. The two key capabilities that EndNote Online adds are the ability to:

  1. Access your library of references from any computer with Internet access
  2. Share groups of references with others. You can give other EndNote Web users the rights to view and/or add to specific groups in your EndNote Web library. This can be extremely useful for collaborative projects.

This comparison chart summarizes these differences. You may also wish to look at the library's guides on EndNote and EndNote Online to help you decide which one to use.

Still not sure which one is right for you? Ask a Librarian!


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