What is a Semester Spotlight?

Each Fall and Spring semester we focus in on a public health topic to encourage policy action among our stakeholders.

This consists of symposia, open forums, seminars, lectures, and more.

Why Do We Have Semester Spotlights?

Public Health is an incredibly broad field, and so is Public Policy. There are so many big issues at the intersection of health and policy, and we want to shed light on each of these issues. We want to provide public health professionals, students, policymakers, community members, and everyone else with the opportunity to take a deeper dive and really explore what these topics are.


Fall 2020 - Criminal Justice & Police Reform

In light of the protests against police brutality and systemic racism around the country, we are focusing on racial justice and policing this fall. Racism is a public health issue, and for far too long public policy has failed to truly address it. Join us as we explore the manifestations of - and potential solutions to - systemic racism in America.



Past Spotlights:


Spring 2020 - Science Communication

The way we speak about science and research matters. When we talk to policymakers are we talking down to them? When we give information to the public, is it in an appropriate format that they'll understand? Our Semester Spotlight for the Spring of 2020 is Science Communication. We want to explore the best practices in policy advocacy and relaying important information.


Fall 2019 - Built Environment

We've seen it in study after study after study. Where we live impacts how long we live. How can we plan communities to foster health? Join us this fall as we explore all things built environment and public health, ranging from climate change to health behavior to community development.