Titusville Mural Painting LHSA Nov20Live HealthSmart Alabama, in partnership with the Titusville Development Corporation, City of Birmingham, UAB Sustainable Smart Cities Research Center, and Blank Space, created an interactive mural to give the residents of Titusville a colorful new way to share what makes them special. 

“The Titusville mural is part of the Live HealthSmart Built Environment Improvement Plan. It was designed to create a community destination by adding color and vibrancy to Memorial Park. We hope it will encourage people to use public spaces and promote walking in the neighborhood.” explains Paula Alvarez, a key member of the Live HealthSmart Alabama Built Environment Team.

She adds, “Collaboration has been key in making this mural come to life. We have connected community organizations and partners with local artists, students, government representatives, and residents who share the goal for lasting progress in Titusville.”

The new mural will be located at Memorial Park—a place that Live HealthSmart Alabama partner Ron Bayles from Titusville Development Corporation describes as, “a historical site in North Titusville and a place where residents love to gather.”

To help paint the mural, UAB students, faculty, and staff joined in on the fun during UAB’s Into the Streets volunteer event on October 23rd.

The finished mural includes spaces for people to write, using chalk provided on-site, the answer to two questions: “What’s the last courageous thing you did?” and “What are your plans for the future?” - which pull from Titusville’s new tagline, “Courage of our past, forging our future.”

This tagline comes with the development of a new Titusville logo that honors the rich history in Titusville while helping residents plan for the future.