The mission of the UAB HIV United Community Advisory Board is to bring together HIV-specific advisroy boards and volunteer groups focused on prevention, research, and direct services to: build capacity in order to have greater impact; collaborate by sharing information relevant to all groups; provide a community voice from both individual and united meetings to researchers.



UCAB graph 2



Process Area Year over Year Impact (examples...)
Clinical & Behavioral Research   Increased # protocols reviewed, PI engagement improved (CAB
involved early in research process; PIs accountable to CAB for results).
Prevention Expanded community engagement/collaborative partnerships.
Patient Advisory Board 71 events: leadership development, consumer-developed & driven
programs (support groups, advocacy networks, trainings, etc.)
Volunteer Team SHAPE & community testing, support processes (e.g.: clinic hosting).
CFAR Engaged Comm. Workgroup   Newest CAB: 'Engaged Community' co-developed: "reaching outside
HIV-land to engage extended industries/other allies".
Faith & Spirituality Network Developed/implanted several local CBA/TA; community  forums/seminars,
collaboration w/ BHAM Mayor's 90|90|90 WG
Pt. Development E.G.: "Storytelling" Workshop: formal curriculum for patients to develop

For more information about the UCAB, please contact Kelly Ross-Davis,