Each time you come to the Clinic you should bring your insurance card and remember to let the receptionist know of any information that needs to be updated in your patient record (address, phone number, special instructions, etc.).

It will be very helpful if you bring all your prescription medications each time you visit, so the Clinic staff can monitor your prescribed drugs. Bring a notepad and a list of any questions you want answered, or so you can take notes when you see your doctor, nurse, or other staff member.

When you arrive for your appointment, please sign in with the receptionist. It is very important that we always have your current address and telephone number on file. The sign-in card allows you to make updates while you are signing in at the reception desk.

Your first name will be called when it is time for you to go into the Clinic. If you should leave the waiting room, please let the receptionist know that you are stepping out for a few minutes.