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Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Announces $7.5 Million Award To Discover New Therapies for Nonsense Mutations

The information below will be updated when the new RFA for 2016 comes out

The 2015 RFA is out! Please find the request for pre-proposals here. We are utilizing the same 2-tier approach as in 2015.
Pertinent info:
- Deadline Pre-Proposals: Monday March 23, 8:30 AM
- Full proposals will be sollicited from selected PIs by early April
- Deadline full proposals will be May 18; start date August 1
- Awards are for 2 years, $50,000 per year
- All UAB faculty and SR scientists are eligible to apply
- Only small molecule-directed efforts are considered responsive to this RFA

We organized a CCTS-sponsored lecture series about drug discovery, which ran every Tuesday from noon to 1 PM in PCAMS, from March 3 to April 28 2015.

If you missed the lectures, slides have been made available below:

Maaike Everts - March 3 - Intro to Drug Discovery and Its Funding
Mark Suto - March 10 - What Makes a Target Druggable and Validated?
Indira Padmalayam - March 17 - Assay Development
Bob Bostwick - March 24 - HTS
Kathy Nugent - March 31 - IP Aspects of Drug Discovery
Ed Acosta - April 7 - Pharmacokinetics and ADME
Corinna Augelli-Szafran - April 14 - Medicinal Chemistry: From Hit to Lead
Penny Jester and Maaike Everts - April 21 - How to Apply for an IND
Charles Hebert - April 28 - Non-clinical Tox and Animal Models