dementia assessmentThe Alzheimer's Risk Assessment and Intervention Clinic, directed by Dr. Geldmacher, will prepare a personalized dementia risk assessment for people concerned about their risk for developing memory problems as they age. The assessment will include family history, a detailed memory history for the patient, cognitive testing and a baseline MRI scan. The assessment is targeted primarily at individuals in their 50s and 60s, and it will provide a 20-year risk prediction. It can also be used for individuals in later life, with a six-year risk prediction. Patients will have two clinical visits with Geldmacher and his staff. The first will be to compile histories and conduct testing. The second will be to review a personalized treatment plan, including how to access resources to help achieve lifestyle changes, and where to find supportive and educational materials. The clinic will also suggest coping strategies that can be employed to ease the burden of dementia on the individual and his or her family. The two-visit assessment is fee-for-service and will cost about $1,000, which includes the MRI scan. For more information on scheduling an appointment, call 205-975-7575.

For more information, see coverage in, the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), UAB News, and Birmingham Medical News.