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  • Karukappadath, Riaz M., M.D.

    KarukAssistant Professor 

    Clinical Interests
    Critical Care Anesthesiology 

  • Kaushik, Teshi, M.D.

    TKaushik HeadshotAssistant Professor
    Clinical and Research Interests
    Medical Education and Obstetric Anesthesia

  • Kim Ohlman, Beomjy, M.D.

    Kim Beomjy Photo 2019 1Assistant Professor

    Research and Clinical Interests 

  • Kukreja, Promil, M.D., Ph.D., CMQ, FASA

    Director, Trauma and Acute Care Anesthesia 
    Program Director, Regional Anesthesia Fellowship
    Endowed Faculty Scholar for Clinical Research in Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Regional Anesthesia, Trauma, Obstetric Anesthesia, Clinical Research

  • Lawson, Prentiss, M.D.

    Lawson PAssociate Professor 
    Program Director, Pain Medicine Fellowship

  • Lazrak, Ahmed, Dr.Sc.

    Lazrak-AhmedAssistant Professor

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Lung Injury and Repair

  • Li, Lingyong, Ph.D.

    LiAssociate Professor

    Research Interests
    Pain and Opioid Use Disorders 


  • Liwo, Amandiy, M.D., MSPH

    thumbnail Liwo Amandiy low resInstructor and Epidemiologist 

    Epidemiology, Perioperative Medicine, Healthcare Disparities and Health Equity, Patient-Centered Outcomes, and Quality Improvement

  • MacBeth, Lisa, M.D.

    MacBeth LisaAssistant Professor

    Clinical Interests
    Regional Anesthesia, Acute Pain Medicine 

  • Mallory, Catherine, D.O.

    thumbnail Mallory CatherineAssistant Professor

    Clinical Interests
    Critical Care Medicine

  • Matalon, Sadis, Ph.D., Dr.Sc. (Hon.), FAPS

    Sadis-MatalonDistinguished Professor and Alice McNeal Endowed Chair of Anesthesiology
    Director, Division of Molecular and Translational Biomedicine
    Director, UAB Pulmonary Injury and Repair Center
    Editor-in-Chief, Physiological Reviews

  • Mathru, Mali, M.D.

    Mathru MaliProfessor

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Upper Airway Obstruction, Reperfusion Injury, Heart and Lung Interaction, Lung Injury

  • McArdle, Philip, M.D.

    McArdle Philip lowresProfessor 
    Vice Chair, Quality and Patient Safety

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Critical Care Medicine, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety

  • McCammon, Andrew, M.D.

    McCammonAndrew PhotoAssistant Professor

  • McCormick, Sarah, M.D.

    McCormick Sarah smcrAssistant Professor

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Critical Care 

  • McKeown, Jason, M.D., FASA

    Jason McKeown Associate Professor 

    Research Interests
    Treatment of Acute Pain, Regional Anesthesia, Treatment of Pain in Palliative and Geriatric Patient Population

  • McKinney, Adam, M.D.

    Brittney RichardsonAssistant Professor 

    Clinical Interests
    Cardiothoracic Anesthesia, Transesophageal Echocardiography, Biomedical Ethics


  • Meers, Brad, M.D., FASE

    Meers BradAssociate Professor

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology, Regional Anesthesia, Organ Transplantation

  • Melvin, Ryan L., Ph.D.

    Ryan Melvin Assistant Professor 
    Endowed Faculty Scholar for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

    Research Interests
    Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Applied Statistics, Risk Stratification, Data Science, Predictive Analytics

  • Miller, David, M.D.

    Miller David sqcrAssociate Professor
    Vice Chair and Director, Division of Critical Care Medicine
    Medical Director, Neurosciences ICU

    Research and Clinical Interests
    Critical Care Medicine, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Lung Physiology

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