Graduation 2019

The Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine held its annual Resident/Fellow Graduation dinner and ceremony on Friday, June 14, at B&A Warehouse. The department honored 21 residents and 14 fellows and named numerous award winners. Residents, fellows, their families, and guests, as well as department faculty, fellows, and staff, attended this annual event. This was a celebration of the success and achievement of our residents and fellows and marks the culmination of another phase of their careers.

Drs. Susan Black, Juhan Paiste, and Dan Berkowitz gave opening remarks and welcomed everyone. After honoring each graduating resident and fellow individually, the awards and certificates were presented to the recipients. Dr. Black gave closing remarks.

Please join us in thanking the following individuals for their contributions and congratulating them for their accomplishments and awards:        

Drs. Clay Adams, Yen Chau, Zach Colbaugh, Gabriel Gallegos, Mike Gibson, Drew Guess, John Hebbard, Colton Marucci, Lauren Myers, Jason Nolt, Blake Norman (Chief Resident), Scott Novack, Michael Osunsanmi (Chief Resident), Clay Parker, Paul Piennette, Ryne Schlitz (Chief Resident), Nicole Schreiner, Zeke Tarrant, Adam Threet, Evan Van Peursem, and Zach Winkler.

We also recognized the graduating fellows:

Drs. Dylan Addis (Cardiothoracic Anes), Brittany Costello (Regional Anes and Acute Pain), Roberto Diaz Galdo (Critical Care Anes), Sean Dossett (Cardiothoracic Anes) Kaitlin Hill Johnson (Pediatric Anes), Kristin Jarzombek (Pain Medicine Anes), Sara Anne Lester (Obstetric Anes), Seth MacMahon (Pain Med Anes), Elizabeth Morris (Regional Anes and Acute Pain), Susan Moruri (Critical Care Anes), Efosa Oglamien (Pain Med Anes), Sara Pastoriza (Pain Med Anes), Marcus Walton (Critical Care Anes), Chaz Warren (Cardiothoracic Anes).

Congratulations to the recipients of the following awards:                                                                   

  • Mark Powell, M.D., was recognized as 2018-19 Teacher of the Year

  • Additional faculty members recognized as “Top Three” teachers include: Matt Broyles, M.D., first runner up; Bert Pierce, M.D., second runner up

  • Evan Van Peursem, M.D., received the 12th annual Maurice S. Albin, M.D., M.Sc., Award for Outstanding Resident Research in Anesthesia History. We are pleased to give this award in honor of Dr. Maurice Albin, who has made a great impact on this department and our specialty.

  • Cathy Zhang, M.D., received the 14th annual J. Antonio Aldrete, M.D., M.S., Award for Excellence in Pain Medicine. This award is given in honor of Dr. Tony Aldrete who is a world-renowned expert in pain medicine, a prolific author, an inventor, a respected educator, and a highly skilled clinician.

  • Zeke Tarrant, M.D., received the 1st annual David H. Chestnut, M.D., Award for Excellence in Obstetric Anesthesia.

  • Jason Nolt, D.O., received the 20th annual Ray J. Defalque, M.D., Award for Outstanding Performance in Regional Anesthesia. This award is given in honor of the late Dr. Ray Defalque, who before his retirement in 1999 was a steadfast advocate of resident education and who was widely known for his skill in the administration of regional anesthesia.

  • Brant Wagener, M,D., [faculty] and Jake Enslin, M,D, [resident] received the Robert Goodloe McGahey, M.D. Awards for Excellence in Medical Student Teaching for the 2018-2019 academic year.

  • Michael Osunsanmi, M.D., received the Outstanding Graduate Award for 2018-2019.

  • Yen Chau, M.D., received the sixth annual Outstanding Pediatric Anesthesiology Graduate award.

  • Blake Norman, M.D., received the fifth annual Arthur M. Boudreaux, M.D., Quality and Patient Safety Resident Award.

  • Resident Research Awards:

    • Nicole Schreiner, D.O., received the Excellence in Research award.

  • LEAD Program Recognition Awards:

    • Ryne Schlitz, M.D., and Zach Winkler, M.D., received the Master of Science in Health Care Administration (MSHA) Award.

    • Mike Gibson, M.D., CMQ; Blake Norman, M.D., CMQ; and Colton Marucci, M.D., CMQ; received the Medical Quality and Patient Safety (CMQ) Certificate Award.

    • Clay Adams, M.D.; Gabe Gallegos, M.D.; Colton Marucci, M.D., CMQ; Jason Nolt, D.O.; and Evan Van Peursem, M.D.; received the Certification by the National Board of Echocardiography (TEE) Award.

Many thanks to Julie Miller for helping to organize this year’s reception. The venue and food were once again excellent, and all had a great time! In addition, a special thank you to Drs. Susan Black, Lee Ann Riesenberg, Tekuila Carter, Craig Samford, Brad Steenwyk, Michelle Tubinis, and Education staff, Celia Keenan, Paula Robinson, Diane Vakakes, Margaret Hayes, Ashley Standridge, Amber Myers, Robyn Davis, Victoria Elison, Emma O’Hagan, MLIS, CMQ; and Holly Chandash for their assistance with the residency and fellowship programs throughout the year, and for another outstanding Resident Graduation Reception.

Thank you for a job well done!     

Dan E. Berkowitz, MB BCh, Professor and Chair