On Friday, June 25, the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine celebrated our graduating residents at B&A warehouse.

Susan Black, M.D., program director, welcomed attendees followed by opening remarks from Dan E. Berkowitz, MB, BCh. After honoring each graduating resident, the awards and certificates were presented to the recipients. Dr. Black gave closing remarks.

After a challenging year, this marks the culmination of another phase of their careers. Please join us in thanking the following individuals for their contributions and congratulating them for their accomplishments and awards:

Graduating Residents

Audrey Alexis Avila, M.D.

Carter Michael Galbraith, M.D.

Riley Stephen Camp, M.D.

Ryan Edward Gill, M.D.

Christopher Carmouche, M.D.

Sherrie Faith Moore, M.D.

William Jared Daly, M.D.

Caroline Evers Phillips, M.D.

James Kyle Damron, M.D.

Brandon Ryan Seaver, M.D.

Paige Deichmann, M.D.

Martin Jacob Steine, M.D.

Cater Merrill Elliott, M.D.

Kurt Alan Van Wagenen, M.D.

Jacob Kyle Enslin, M.D.

Jimmy Ricky Windham, M.D.

Brendan Patrick Feehan, M.D.

Matthew Gary Witzel, M.D.

John Clayton Foster, M.D.

Karolina Izabela Zaynakov, M.D.


Bhavika Patel, Aldrete Award for Excellence in Pain Medicine 
James Damron, Chestnut Award for Excellence in Obstetric Anesthesia
Jake Enslin, Defalque Award for Outstanding Performance in Regional Anesthesia
Caroline Phillips, Outstanding Pediatric Anesthesiology Graduate Award
Caroline Phillips, Boudreaux Award for Quality and Patient Safety

LEAD: Leadership, Education & Development Program
Caroline Phillips, Master of Science in Healthcare Quality and Safety (MSHQS)
Paige Deichmann and Jake Enslin, Medical Quality and Patient Safety (CMQ)
Audrey Avila, Brendan Feehan, John Foster, Martin Steine, Kurt Van Wagenen, National Board of Echocardiography Basic Certificate Program

Promil Kukreja, Teacher of the Year

Caroline Phillips, Outstanding Graduate Award