Galbraith J

James W. Galbraith, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Galbraith joined UAB Emergency Medicine faculty in 2008 as the Assistant Residency Director and Medical Student Clerkship Director. Since that time, he has transitioned his passion for education to integrate systematic public health screening in the UAB Emergency Department (ED). His early work has been highlighted nationally and has provided guidance in shaping current health policy and payer decisions for ED public health screening.

In 2011, with funding from the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) and the Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Galbraith led the implementation of non-targeted, opt-out HIV screening. In the first four years, this HIV screening program has screened over 65,000 individuals and identified over 350 HIV infections, including acute HIV infections, though fourth-generation HIV assay utilization. Dr. Galbraith also leads the development of HIV post-exposure prophylaxis for rape victims at the sexual assault nursing exam (SANE) center in Birmingham. Dr. Galbraith currently serves as a site-investigator for an NIH-funded multicenter trial to evaluate HIV testing health literacy in the ED.

Leveraging the infrastructure developed for systematic HIV screening, Dr. Galbraith pioneered targeted hepatitis C virus (HCV) screening and linkage to care in the UAB-ED through funding from the CDC Foundation in 2013. In the first two years, this program has identified over 1500 previously unrecognized HCV infections and a high 11.5 % prevalence of HCV infection among previously unaware “baby boomers.” Most recently, this ED HCV screening program has expanded to a “universal” (non-targeted), opt-out test in efforts to raise HCV awareness and access to cure for a growing epidemic of HCV infection among young injection drug users.

Dr. Galbraith’s specific research interests include healthcare access, healthcare utilization, and healthcare policy as they relate HIV and HCV infection. He collaborates nationally with ED providers performing similar scopes of work. Dr. Galbraith maintains a secondary appointment with the UAB Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) as a scientist, and has ongoing collaboration with UAB leaders in HIV, Infectious Diseases, and Hepatology.

Selected Publications
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