This internationally renowned comprehensive clinical and research program of life-improving and life-saving solutions for patients with advanced heart failure, transplantation, and pulmonary vascular disease.  Avenues of clinical work and investigation include new medical & device therapies, an extensive mechanical circulatory support program, and the heart/heart-lung transplantation program. The pulmonary vascular disease clinic, established in 1989, has become one of the most active clinical and research programs in the world. Its researchers have participated in the development and/or clinical evaluation of virtually all new therapeutic avenues in the therapy of pulmonary arterial hypertension in the last 15 years.

Section Chiefs

Salpy V. Pamboukian, MD
Jose' A. Tallaj, MD


Robert C. Bourge, MD
Salpy V. Pamboukian, MD
Jose' A. Tallaj, MD


Fellowship Training


Advanced Heart Failure/Cardiac Transplantation Teaching Service
UAB Advanced Heart Failure Program
UAB Heart Transplant Program


Advanced Heart Failure/Heart Transplantation/ Pulmonary Vascular Disease Research Program