Cardiology Fellows interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine opportunities for to learn specific research methodologies have many options:

Cardiac Rhythm Management Lab (Basic Electrophysiology)
Clinical Electrophysiology
Interventional Cardiology
Nuclear Cardiology
Vascular Biology and Hypertension

Goals & Expectations

The research activities in the Division of Cardiovascular Disease provide opportunities for Cardiology Fellows interested in becoming acquainted with specific research methodologies and play a crucial role for Cardiology Fellows interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine.

The goal of the research experience is for the Cardiology Fellow to learn:
  • sound methodology in designing and performing research studies
  • how to correctly interpret and synthesize research data

Cardiology Fellows are expected to:

  • Engage in research activities that will lead to publications in the scientific literature.
  • and presentations at scientific meetings.
  • Transition to an academic career having acquired the necessary skills to successfully compete for grant support in the future.


Cardiology Fellows on training grants spend 2 years doing research; they will continue to attend their ambulatory clinics and have limited “on-call” responsibilities during their dedicated research experience.

Cardiology Fellows enrolled in the standard 3 year clinical track are expected to complete at least one clinically-oriented research project during their 2nd & 3rd years of their clinical training.

Research findings are presented at the Annual Department of Medicine Trainee Research Symposium; Fellows are also expected to publish their findings in a peer-reviewed subspecialty journal and present it at regional and national meetings, as appropriate.

Funding for Research

• UAB General Clinical Research Center Clinical Investigator Fellowship Award for senior fellows
• Walter B. Frommeyer Award for 2nd year fellows and beyond

NIH T32 training grant focused on vascular biology
Funds 2 years of full-time, hands-on basic research for eligible Cardiology Fellows under the guidance of a faculty research mentor (Principal Investigator: Suzanne Oparil, MD).

• professional societies
• foundations
• industry

Fellows are encouraged to discuss all options with their research mentor.

For more information, see:
UAB Research Info
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Clinical Research Training
Program (CRTP) Certification

  • A Department of Medicine 9-month-long training course
  • 64 hours of didactic lecture and interactive training
  • Starts with a mandatory Clinical & Translational Science Award (CTSA) training:
    • “Vocabulary of Research”
    • 20 hour survey course held in September each year
  • Follows with lectures and workshops for 2 hours each week for nine months
  • Trainees will concurrently develop one or more mentored research projects
  • No fee is charged for this program
  • A certificate is issued after successful completion of the program.

Other Mandatory Training for Fellows

  • HIPAA (start of Fellowship)
  • IRB (start of Fellowship; must be updated annually)