Our Faculty

UAB Division of Cardiovascular Disease



Al Solaiman, Firas MD

Arora, Garima MD

Arora, Pankaj MD

Ather, Sameer MD

Bittner, Vera A. MD

Boogaerts, James R. MD, PhD

Booker, Oscar J. MD

Bourge, Robert C. MD

Brott, Brigitta C. MD

Brown, Todd M. MD

Calhoun, David A. MD

Chapman, Gregory MD

Chatterjee, Arka MD

Chen, Yiu-Fai PhD

Cribbs, Marc G. MD

Dailey, Sharon M. MD

Dell'italia, Louis J. MD

Doppalapudi, Harish MD

Dudenbostel, Tanja MD

Fan, Pohoey MD

Fonbah, William S. MD

Gertler, Alan S. MD

Gupta, Himanshu MD

Hage, Fadi G. MD

Halade, Ganesh V. PhD

Hamid, Tariq PhD

Hawi, Riem MD

Heo, Jaekyeong MD

Hillegass, William MD, PhD

Holt Jr., John H. MD

Huang, Jian MD

Huke, Sabine S. PhD

Ideker, Raymond E. MD

Iskandrian, Ami E. MD

Jackson, Elizabeth A. MD

Kim, Joonseok MD

Kumar, Vineet MD

Leesar, Massoud A. MD

Lenneman, Andrew J. M.D.

Lenneman, Carrie M.D.

Lloyd, Steven G. MD, PhD

Maddox, William R. MD

McElderry, Hugh T. MD

Mohamed Ismahil, Mohamed Ameen, PhD

Nanda, Navin C. MD

Oparil, Suzanne MD

Pamboukian, Salpy V. MD, MSPH

Papapietro, Silvio E. MD

Perry, Gilbert J. MD

Plumb, Vance J. MD

Pogwizd, Steven MD

Prabhu, Sumanth D. MD

Rajapreyar, Indranee MD

Rogers, William J. MD

Rokosh, Donald G. PhD

Rowe, Glenn C. PhD

Sasse, Mark F. MD

Seghatol-Eslami, Frank F. MD

Sethu, Palaniappan PhD

Sublett, Kevin L. MD

Tallaj, Jose A. MD

Urthaler, Ferdinand MD

Verma, Suresh K. PhD

Walcott, Gregory P. MD

Wei, Chih-Chang PhD

Wenzel, Grace M. MD

White, C. Roger PhD

Workman, Raymond W. MD

Xie, Min MD

Yamada, Takumi MD

Young, Martin E. DPhil

Zhou, LuFang PhD

For Referring Physicians

Easily refer a patient to UAB through our 24-hour consultation service by phone at (800) UAB-MIST (800) 822-6478 or via email mist@uabmc.edu
If you do not find what you need, feel free to contact one of our Physician Liaisons at (205) 934-6890, or email physicianservices@uabmc.edu.
UAB MIST is for physicians and health professionals only; it should not be used by patients.