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Our faculty are heavily involved in teaching efforts at UAB, in both graduate student research/education and professional education in UAB's Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Nursing, and Health Related Professions.  The following list recognizes the efforts of our faculty in fulfilling UAB's primary mission of education.

(Note: this list includes coursemasters, directors, and other leadership positions.  Our faculty serve as lecturers for many other courses, too numerous to list here.)

Dean Positions:

  • Lisa Schwiebert: Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Education

Coursemasters/Module Directors for Graduate School Education:

  • Marcas Bamman: GBS 746 (Exercise Medicine Journal Club); and GBS 750 (Nerves, Muscles and Bones)
  • Chenbei Chang: GBS 789 (Evolutionary Developmental Biology)
  • Chenbei Chang, Elizabeth Sztul, and Qin Wang: CB 747 (CDIB Seminar Series)
  • Jim Collawn: GBS 716 (Grantsmanship and Scientific Writing)
  • Carmel McNicholas-Bevensee: GBS 751 (Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Renal)
  • Michael Miller: GBS 710 (Cell Signaling); and Development and Cancer Journal Club
  • Casey Morrow / Elizabeth Sztul: GBS 709 (Basic Biological Organization)
  • Michelle Olsen: Director, GBS 733 (Neurobiology of Disease)
  • Rosa Serra: Coursemaster, GBS 769 (Carcinogenesis)
  • Elizabeth Sztul: Course Director, CB 740 (Research in Cell Biology journal club)
  • Qin Wang: PHY 796 (CMP seminar and journal club); and GBS 739 (Neuropharmacology)
  • Doug Weigent: Biology of Intracrines
  • Brad Yoder: GBS: 712 (Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Developmental Biology; GBS 787 (Applications of Microscopy) and GBS 792: (CMDB Seminar)

Coursemaster for Post-Doctoral Education:

  • Lisa Schwiebert: Grant Writing; Job Skills; Lab Management; and Translational Science

Coursemasters/Module Directors for Professional School Education:

  • Mark Bevensee: SOM Renal Module
  • Laura Cotlin: SOM Fundamentals I
  • Cathy Fuller: SOM GI Module
  • Carmel McNicholas-Bevensee: Fundamentals I, SOD/SOO; First-year Prematriculation (PRIME), SOM
  • Peter Smith: Director for SOD/SOO Systems Based Courses; Director, SOM Scholarly Activity
  • Steven Zehren: SOD Gross Anatomy; and SHRP NA/SPA Anatomy


  • Will Brooks: Gross Anatomy Lab and Surgical Anatomy Lab
  • Laura Cotlin: Anatomical Donor Program
  • Peter Smith: Office of Scholarly Activity and Medical Student Research
  • Thomas Van Groen: Technical Director, Behavioral Assessment Core

Graduate School Thematic Directors:

  • Lori McMahon: Neuroscience
  • Rosa Serra: Cancer Biology
  • Bradley Yoder: Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology

Other Administrative Positions:

  • Cathy Fuller, Chair, Medical Education Committee

Training Grant Directors:

  • Tika Benveniste: Training Program in Brain Tumor Biology
  • Laurie Harrington: Co-Director, Immunology Training Program
  • Casey Morrow: Basic Mechanisms of AIDS Pathogenesis Training Program
  • Lisa Schwiebert: The Mentored Experiences in Research, Instruction, and Teaching (MERIT)
  • Bradley Yoder: Cell and Molecular Biology Training Program