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The UAB Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), situated in the Medical Center complex of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, is one of the seven original Centers, established in 1988 by the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases to stimulate research and scientific advancement in HIV

The mission is to support the conduct of cutting-edge research in basic science, therapeutics, prevention, community-engaged research, clinical manifestations and pathogenesis of HIV and related disorders. Five core facilities and an Ending the HIV Epidemic in AL working group provide vital support  and specialized services to advance the HIV enterprise within UAB and beyond.

Open Positions:

Director, Center for AIDS Research

Stage 1: Define Objectives and Specifications
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Stage 2: Identify and Assess Candidates 

Stage 3: Facilitate Process and Interviews
Stage 4: Candidate Follow-up
Stage 5: Integration and Placement
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As you may know, we have begun our search for the next Director of UAB’s Center for AIDS/HIV Research (CFAR). The candidates have all presented seminars and the search process continues.

Candidate A Dr. Renee Heffron
Candidate B: Dr. Paul Goepfert
Candidate C: Dr. Jessica Haberer