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In December 2014, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) released the  ’90-90-90’ Initiative with  the goals of 90% of all individuals with HIV knowing 
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this diagnosis, 90% of those diagnosed on treatment, and 90% of those on treatment achieving suppression of their virus. Modelling suggests that achieving these targets by 2020 will enable the world to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030, which in turn will generate profound humanitarian, health and economic benefits. 

Currently, almost 40% of all individuals infected with HIV in Alabama are still not suppressed, meaning their virus is not under complete control with medication. The UAB Center for AIDS Research (UAB CFAR), a world leader in HIV/AIDS research and patient care, along with community partners, municipal and state-wide stakeholders have formed a working group to come together on a common area of focus related to HIV that is deemed nelected or underdeveloped. Working together on this initiative, we can answer critical questions about the HIV epidemic in Alabama:   What aspects of our approach to HIV are working? What populations are not being served sufficiently or at all?  How can we comprehensively improve access to HIV care?   How can we improve outreach to increase knowledge of services available?  What community assets, resources, or programs are necessary to achieve these goals?

Working to achieve the goals of this initiative aligns the mission of the UAB CFAR with strategic planning for the public health of Alabama. A plan to achieve these targets will require a broad strategy, including improving access to care; enhancing prevention, treatment, and research opportunities; improving social and economic justice by eliminating discrimination and stigma; fostering community collaboration to achieve parity, inclusion and representation; and identifying, evaluating, and applying for alternative sources of  funding to maximize long-term sustainability. The UAB CFAR has established a scientific working group to advance a framework for achieving the 90-90-90 treatment targets across Alabama. In order to achieve this, we have assembled a group of clinical investigators, public health researchers and advocates, community stakeholders and consumers with diverse expertise and interest in addressing the HIV epidemic in our state. If you have interest in joining this group, email the program coordinator, Jeremiah Rastegar.

Now is the time to advance our current response to the next level and work together towards Ending HIV in Alabama!
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For More Information, Contact the Leadership of this SWG:

Jeanne Marrazzo, MD, MPH, FACP, FIDSA
Director, Division of Infectious Diseases

Aadia Rana, MD
Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases

Jeremiah Rastegar
SWG Program Coordinator