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The Administrative Core provides the leadership, organizational structure, planning, educational opportunities and sound fiscal practices that propel CFAR investigators to achieve their highest scientific potential through innovative, multidisciplinary research collaborations that are at the heart of the UAB CFAR mission. The Administrative Core serves as the coordinating center for the entire UAB CFAR and is responsible for the continuous monitoring, evaluation, and assessment of service provision to assure full alignment with the strategic objectives of the Center. These critical functions are accomplished through high level engagement of the CFAR leadership in the activities of the Center, including: Frequent and effective communication with CFAR members, ongoing strategic planning, continuous monitoring of the effectiveness and outcomes of services and activities, assessment of scientific developments in the HIV research community, and alignment of existing scientific expertise and services at the UAB CFAR with these new developments and the NIH priorities. The core strives to enhance diversity within the Center and the development of early-stage investigators to independence. Among the 45 new members recruited since 2014, 65% are women, 25% are under-represented / ethnic minorities. Of the HIV grants funded to UAB, 38% were advanced with developmental pilot funding, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to fostering independence. Through participation in strategic recruitments, pilot funding and Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs) / Scientific Working Groups (SWGs) the core enables critical management tools to foster new, dynamic programs aligned with emerging trends in HIV research. The CFAR supports a cadre of 185 UAB HIV/AIDS investigators to work in a fully collaborative and effective fashion, achieving over $66M in total HIV funding to the institution and supporting over 1000 HIV publications. Leveraging a highly effectual administrative team, the core administrates several nationwide NIH-funded HIV program projects based at UAB (e.g., the CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS), the Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research (CNIHR), the HIV and Aging Pilot Program, the Women’s Interagency HIV Study’s joint site between UAB and the University of Mississippi Medical Center (WIHS), and the Alabama Clinical Trials Unit) recovering salary support and advancing cutting-edge resources.

The aims of the Administrative Core include: 

Specific Aim 1: Provision of scientific leadership and governance based on thoughtful strategic planning and ongoing monitoring to add value and ensure continuous growth

Specific Aim 2: To nurture synergies to stimulate research across disciplines, foster community outreach to improve knowledge and sustain meaningful partnerships with stakeholders, and promote educational and training opportunities

Specific Aim 3: Effective and efficient management of CFAR resources thereby enabling investigators to access services and support in a transparent manner

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CFAR Administrative Director
Donna Porter, PhD
CFAR Program Manager
Mary Thielen
Bevil Biomedical Sciences Building, Room 256
1720 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35294-2170