genomics and microbiome

To meet the challenges of HIV/AIDS research in the current research era, CFAR supports expertise in HIV genomics/microbiome as a component of the new CFAR Basic and Translational Sciences Core. The overall goal of these services is to provide investigators access to cutting-edge genomics resources and methodologies designed to facilitate and strengthen the quality of genetic, genomic, and molecular studies in HIV/AIDS related research. With an emphasis on new genomic services, coupled with the microbiome resource and the companion bioinformatics services, CFAR investigators have access to unique resources that will allow for avenues of research in alignment with the pillars of the CFAR scientific mission.

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CFAR investigators have access to genome genotyping, gene expression, and methylation arrays, low and high throughput custom genotyping and gene expression, and both standard and next generation sequencing (NGS). A new component has been developed by the core that will provide microbiome analytical capabilities. This component currently provides 16S rRNA gene microbiome analysis and in the future its services will include microbial metagenome, transcriptome and possibly virome analysis. The Core provides guidance for microbiome analysis and the selection of genomic assays and analyses. The specialized knowledge of the these experts in providing not only methodological but also content expertise. The provision of bioinformatics resources and support to help investigators analyze and understand the datagenerated by the genomics core will continue to be a priority.



Michael Crowley, PhD
Email:  mcrowley@uab.edu

Elliot Lefkowitz, PhD
Email:  elliotl@uab.edu 

University of Alabama at Birmingham
720 20th Street South
Kaul Human Genetics Building, Rooms 406-412
Birmingham, AL 35233