Transplant Banner 2018jayme locke transplantHoused within the new Basic Research Core, the UAB CFAR has initiated the ‘first of its kind’ CFAR HIV Transplant Tissue Procurement Facility for access to fresh samples procured from HIV+ donor bodies for research purposes. This Facility offers a novel approach to propel HIV vaccine, immunology and comorbidities research. Synergies between cores and the UAB Transplant Center are ongoing to provide access to these fresh tissues and cells. Instead of the transplant team flying to the location of the deceased donor to harvest organs, the deceased donors are being flown to Birmingham so the organs are harvested here.  Once the donor organs are removed, other tissues / blood can be collected for research purposes.  Since UAB is one of the sites performing HIV-HIV transplants (per the HOPE Act), our CFAR is able to collect large volume blood and occult tissues not otherwise available to be collected from both HIV+ and HIV- donors for research purposes.  This programs offers great opportunity for novel research projects aimed at defining the mechanisms of development of co-morbid conditions and ‘accelerated aging’ in the HIV patient population.  

UAB performs Deep South’s first HIV-positive kidney transplant from HIV-positive deceased donor
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Contact Information
Nathan Erdmann, MD, PhD
HIV Transplant Procurement Facility Leader