Core c banner 2 The Clinical Core provides easy access to comprehensive clinical services, resources and expertise supporting basic science, behavioral, epidemiological, translational, clinical and public health research. Clinical Research Training Services are provided at all levels. Complete the Common Form to request services.
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Database & Informatics

Database & Informatics Services

Computerized Database and Informatics Services are available to store and access complex, interactive data to assist with study design and to conduct appropriate data analysis.
• Assists young and established UAB investigators as well as outside researchers to provide data queries and identification of potential research subjects who meet clinical or scientific criteria for retrospective or prospective translational research studies.
• Collaborates with other CFARs and institutions in the form of computerized informatics and biostatistics expertise to assist with launching their own databases.
• Consults on the design of database management plans for individual projects.
• Consults on the operation of project-specific systems.
• Assists or consults in design and creation of data collection instruments and forms.
• Database coordination with other Cores and Centers.
• Prepares datasets suitable for statistical analysis.

Specimen Repository

Specimen Repository Services

The Clinical Core maintains and provides patient samples from a comprehensive and efficient Specimen Repository obtained from well-characterized patients for collaborative investigations involving multiple research disciplines. Contact the Clinical Core to have samples processed or obtain samples for research purposes. The Core also provides samples to other CFARs and outside investigators to aid scientific research.

Types of existing specimens available:
• Fresh blood
• Plasma
• Serum
• Peripheral blood mononuclear cells
• Mucosal secretions
• Mucosal biopsies, lymph node biopsies, skin biopsies

Types of services available:
• Provides Identification and collection of clinical samples.
• Provides access to stored samples from well-characterized patients.
• Provides access to expertise in the development and implementation of HIV vaccine trials.
• Provides plasmapheresis and leukapheresis to CFAR members and network organizations in order to provide a greater volume of samples from a few patients with unique characteristics (e.g., long term nonprogressors).


Biostatistics and Analysis Services

Biostatistics and Analysis is centralized access to statistical expertise and data management to support research projects in HIV. Services include Statistical design of experiments to efficiently address scientific questions; Sample size estimation to assist investigators in determining study feasibility; Data analysis of preliminary data to be used in hypothesis generation; Secondary data analyses of databases; Guidance in structuring databases to ensure that required data to address scientific issues can be easily retrieved and analyzed; Availability of software resources for statistical and data management purposes. 

Every Monday 1pm - 4pm 
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Research Coordination

Research Coordination Services

Research Coordination, Recruitment, and Implementation Services include support with recruitment, enrollment, protocol design development, and implementation. Core personnel assists with regulatory and study coordinator support, data and specimen collection, web-based tracking and data entry, database design and data management. Ongoing collaborations exist with the CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems and other national and international cohort studies.


Education and Training Services

Clinical and Research Education and Training Services are listed below. Research consultation and regulatory training are provided to a wide range of trainees.
• Training ID Fellows
• IPE (inter-professional education)
• Weekly Cohort Research Roundtable Interactive Discussions
• Monthly Provider meetings
• Monthly 1917 Clinic meetings
• 1917 CQI and AL Regional Quality Group
• Community Partner Collaborative Education
• Clinical Care Team Education Services


Overall Database & Informatics Specimen Repository Biostatistics & Analysis
Core Director
Latesha Elopre, MD  
Greer A. Burkholder, MD, MSPH 
Sonya L. Heath, MD
Component Leader
Dustin M Long, PhD
Core Coordinator
Sarah Dougherty 
Alfredo L. Guzman, MEng, MSHI
Kamellia Safavy, MS
Other Leadership
Andy Westfall, MS