The Development Core operationalizes the CFAR Scientific Agenda through strategicinvestment, targeted recruitment, and the development of early-career HIV researchers. The Core provides pilot funding, mentoring, and training to foster independent researchers. Interdisciplinary and scientific working groups foster interdisciplinary collaborations.
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Human Subjects Templates (Needed upon request by CFAR)
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Visit our RESEARCH webpage for links to the UAB CFAR-Affiliated Research Programs including CNICS, MWCCS, A2ZCTU, UAB CFAR K12, and the Aging in HIV National Research Consortium to explore shared resources for your research. For research related to our Ending HIV in Alabama Scientific Working Group, visit the webpage and/or email Alyssa Carodine to attend a meeting or to learn more about SWG-related shared resources such as state public health datasets.


UAB CFAR Pilot Program One year of pilot funding is available for applications aligned to the four pillars of the CFAR scientific mission of prevention, drug discovery, pathogenesis and understanding the natural history of HIV infection. The Developmental core will review Letters of Intent for feasibility and scientific merit prior to submission.  Join our listserv  2-Page Concepts due February 20, 2022 Download
UAB CFAR Specific Aims Workshop A half-day workshop to help investigators develop to refine the specific aims page of an upcoming NIH grant submission or resubmission by connecting with experienced facilitators.  Visit Specific Aims Webpage   Annually in March and October  NA
CCTS Translational Research Pilot Projects This program funds new interdisciplinary clinical and translational research projects to grow mature research programs in these areas. Visit UAB CCTS Website Hosted Annually  Found on CCTS  Website
CFAR NIH Administrative Supplements The national CFAR organization invites supplement applications in specified topic areas for direct funding of up to $150,000-200,000 for one-year studies. Letters of intent are reviewed by the Developmental Core before an application is approved for submission. Join our listserv  Hosted Annually; submitted in May and fund in July Shared via listserv


CFAR actively collaborates with the UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) and the Department of Medicine to leverage existing mentoring resources. Visit the UAB CCTS Training Academy website for funding, mentoring, and career development resources. Contact Mirjam-Colette Kempf or Mary Thielen for more information.

All CFAR Developmental Pilot awardees must have a CFAR-affiliated mentor to facilitate career development. A mentor is identified as part of the pilot application process. Ensure the mentor/ collaborator relationship includes the following:
a.     Expectations for the mentoring/collaborative experience. Expectations regarding the time and frequency of meetings, which may include time spent on site at the CFAR home institution.
b.     The timetable for the project, which may include time spent on site with the mentor as a visiting scientist at the mentor’s institution to foster collaboration and mentoring.
c.     Expectations about collaboration on this project (i.e., authorship of presentations and publications).


Paul Goepfert, MD

Co-Director, Mentoring and Faculty Development
Mirjam-Colette Kempf, PhD

Core Program Coordinator
Mary Thielen