Dewberry ClinicAn equally important mission of the UAB CFAR is the dedication to our community outreach programs in HIV education and awareness with the surrounding community and assisting researchers with establishing equitable research partnerships. Owing to the stigma of HIV, especially in the South, effective outreach and community-engaged programs into the Birmingham and Alabama communities are critical.
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UAB HIV Clinic / Volunteers / Patient Care

Information to volunteer at the clinic or learn more about HIV patient care, testing, and support, contact the UAB 1917 Clinic, now located in the Dewberry Building at 3220 5th Avenue South, 2nd Floor in Birmingham's Lakeview District. 

Community-Engaged Research

Community-based studies require effective academic-community partnerships. The Behavioral and Community Sciences Core employs a Community Engagement Coordinator who works with the Jefferson County HIV/AIDS Community Coalition and regional service organizations to provide leadership and training on building these relationships. Email Mr. Edward Jackson for more information.