Employing Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs) and Scientific Working Groups (SWGs) leads to new, dynamic programs that uab physiology researcher 20090819 1041973907align emerging trends in HIV research with our stated mission.  These groups capitalize on areas of excellence at UAB by encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration with researchers who have not previously worked together, or within an area of strategic focus.

Explore UAB CFAR Working Groups 

National Working Groups

The UAB and Emory CFARs co-lead the Inter-CFAR HIV in the South Working Group. This group seeks to foster collaborative initiatives to promote discovery and support the rigorous evaluation and implementation of prevention and treatment programs in order to enhance health, wellness, and outcomes, and overcome health inequities in the disproportionately impacted Southern US region. 

Faith spituality mtg 2017
UAB CFAR partners with the Providence-Boston CFAR to co-lead the Inter-CFAR Faith and Spirituality Working Group. The purpose of the group is to advance scientific inquiry into the ways in which faith and spirituality impact HIV prevention, detection, engagement in care and viral suppression.

These inter-CFAR groups hold face-to-face meetings. The next meetings will in Birmingham, AL in May 2020.