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CFAR working groups are charged with developing specific, achievable objectives based on synergies identified between bench scientists, community / behavioral scientists, and clinicians for the study of HIV/AIDS, thus translating the Center’s scientific agenda into action. Investigators at all levels from multiple disciplines constitute CFAR IRGs. Groups are always open to new members. Current IRGs include the following but additional groups may be initiated with sufficient interest and leadership. Approval by the CFAR Executive Committee is necessary to develop a new IRG-Interdisciplinary Working Group or SWG-Scientific Working Group. Contact a group leader for more information.

Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease IRG
The HIV Metabolic IRG includes faculty and trainees from Infectious Diseases and Cardiovascular Biology Divisions and has resulted in the development of 11 separate protocols. Many of these studies are being done in collaboration with other HIV networks such as the ACTG, WHIS, and CNICS. Studies are underway or seeking funds from the NIH.(Leader: Turner Overton)

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The FRESH (Finding Respect & Ending Stigma around HIV) IRG
The FRESH IRG is a collaborative effort with the Behavioral and Community Science Core (J), which has already gone on to successfully obtain additional funding from other sources. FRESH workshops continue periodically, with support from CFAR Core J, and in collaboration with several local partners including the Jefferson County Department of Public Health and Birmingham AIDS Outreach. (Leader: Janet Turan)

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Adherence to HIV Care and Prevention Services IRG  
The mission of the group is to provide a regular forum for investigators interested in HIV related adherence research to communicate and exchange skills in support of each other. Regular meetings have been initiated to brainstorm about ongoing projects, resources and interest/opportunities for exploring synergies and expanding collaborative efforts. (Leader: Mirjam-Colette Kempf)

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90-90-90 / Ending HIV in Alabama Scientific Working Group  
The 90-90-90 Statewide Initiative is the ambitious treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic with 90% of people with HIV diagnosed, 90% of those diagnosed on treatment, and 90% of those on treatment to be virally suppressed. (Leaders Jeanne Marrazzo and Aadia Rana) Visit Webpage