Life-changing research conducted at the Civitan International Research Center
Dr. Fred Biasini and Dr. Sarah O’Kelley, professors in the Department of Psychology, are part of a new Alabama regional autism network.  Fred Biasini. One of three Alabama Regional Autism Networks (AL-RAN) has opened at the UAB Civitan-Sparks Clinics to empower persons of all ages and all levels of functioning who have an autism spectrum disorder. It also provides support to their families.

Dr. Fred Biasini, associate professor in the Department of Psychology, directs the UAB Civitan-Sparks Clinics in the UAB Department of Pediatrics in the School of Medicine.

The Alabama Regional Autism Network will also connect with Alabama’s University Center of Excellence on Developmental Disabilities, led by Dr. Sarah O’Kelley, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and chair of the Alabama Autism Providers Network.

Auburn University and the University of South Alabama in Mobile are part of the network.  Plans are underway for the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama in Huntsville to join the network.
The Civitan International / Simpson – Ramsey Neurodevelopment Symposium was held on April 20, 2017 at the Hill Student Center Alumni Theater followed by a poster reception at The Edge of Chaos.

Over 100 guests enjoyed lectures by prominent speakers from across the US. Drs. Ami Klin and Celine Saulnier from Emory University School of Medicine highlighted their research on autism.  Dr. Paul Worley, from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine spoke about Alzheimer’s disease.  Dr. Jim Bodfish from Vanderbilt addressed autism treatments.  UAB representatives were Dr. Gwendalyn King who spoke on neurogenesis and klotho while Dr. Kristy Guest talked about Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome.  Three outstanding UAB students were chosen to speak.  Melissa Thye, Joshua Cowen, and Abby Turnbough did a great job explaining their research!

Following the symposium, a rigorous poster competition was held and three students succeeded in defeating the competition. Prizes were awarded to Annie Gordon, Mary Phillips, and Carla Ammons. Each student highlighted the research currently being conducted in their respective labs.

Civitan International / Simpson-Ramsey Neurodevelopment Symposium