Make plans to attend the Neuroscience Cafe series brought to you by the CNC and local libraries! 

UAB experts in the neurosciences present topics, create discussion and answer questions from the community. Check the calendar and tabs below for the upcoming schedule.

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Fall 2019 Schedule

  • Mountain Brook

    Thursday, September 12
    "Cannabis for Neuropsychiatric Conditions"
    Jerzy Szaflarski, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology

    Thursday, October 17
    "Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Survivorship: Recognizing, Treating and Preventing Persistent Pain and Chemo-Brain"
    Jennifer Bail, PhD, RN, Postdoctoral Fellow in Nutrition
    Ursula Wesselmann, MD, PhD, Professor of Anesthesiology

    Thursday, November 14
    "Spinal Cord Riot with a High-Fat Diet"
    Ismail Mohamed, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatric Neurology
    Ceren Yarar-Fisher, PT, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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  • Hoover

    Monday, September 16
    "Photoreceptors and Vision: A Look into the Brain"
    Lawrence Sincich, PhD, Associate Professor of Optometry and Vision Science

    Monday, October 28
    "Deep Brain Stimulation: Therapy for Parkinson's Disease"
    Harrison Walker, MD, Associate Professor of Neurology

    Monday, November 18
    "Mechanisms of Addiction"
    Karen Cropsey, PsyD, Professor of Psychiatry

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  • Homewood

    Thursday, September 26
    "Behind the Wheel with Autism"
    Despina Stavrinos, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology
    Rajesh Kana, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Psychology

    Thursday, November 21
    "Neuroscience of Art Therapy"
    Christianne Strang, Assistant Professor of Psychology

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