GRiP - Grants in Preparation

Dobrunz 0115The CNC is pleased to announce a new initiative entitled "GRants in Preparation," or GRiP.  GRiP, which is led by Dr. Lynn Dobrunz, seeks to increase the level of competitiveness of proposals submitted by UAB neuroscience faculty.    This program focuses on the development of grant-improvement opportunities including grant-writing retreats and access to peer-review of pre-submission proposals.


Grant Peer Pre-Review

Grant Peer Pre-reviewglass
The CNC will facilitate a quality peer pre-review of full draft proposals or specific aims before submission to the funding agency by the PI.   We work with the PI to identify 2-3 reviewers from UAB and other institutions*.  Reviewers are offered an appreciation fee of $300 for a written full proposal review or $150 for a written review of a specific aims page.
*Non-UAB reviewers must be citizens or permanent residents.

Full Proposal Review
Step 1.  Contact Jamie White at who will work with you and the GRiP director to identify potential reviewers and set up feasible deadlines.  
Step 2.  6 weeks before your grant deadline (or earlier), submit your full proposal to GRiP at for review.  Reviews will be returned 2-3 weeks from date of submission.

Specific Aims Only  Reviews of Specific Aims only can be submitted at any time.  You will receive reviews in two weeks or less.  

Grant Camps

Grant Camps
gearsHave you been meaning to collaborate with that colleague for the last several years?  Can't seem to commit to a grant-writing effort?  Take advantage of the CNC GRiP Grant Camps!  The CNC will reserve UAB space and arrange meals and refreshments for an all day writing effort.  They will also assist with milestone reminders. Contact Jamie White at for details.

Grant Collaboration Workshops

Grant Collaboration Workshops
bulbHave back-pocket data?  Looking for new or additional UAB grant collaborations?  The CNC GRiP program will host grant collaboration workshops upon request.  Please contact Jamie White at for more information.

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