Primary Name Lupus Anticoagulant Profile
Synonym Non-specific inhibitor
Synonym --
Contraction LAC
Contraction LA
Contraction --
UAB Procedure Number 2500310, 2500725, 2500359, 2500305
CPT Code 85730, 85732, 85613, 85597
Specimen Collect three (3) blue-stopper tubes (3.2% sodium citrate), filled to specified volume. Do not underfill or overfill.

Specimen Management Centrifuge blue-stopper tubes within one (1) hour of collection, separate plasma. Recentrifuge plasma so that it is platelet-poor and test or quick-freeze at -70°C.
Specimen Accepted Daily including weekends
Test Performed Two days a week
Available Stat? No.
Description LAC is an acquired non-specific inhibitor that is detected in 1-2% of individuals. Chronic lupus anticoagulant is associated with a 30% risk of venous thromboembolic disease or arterial thrombosis, including stroke and myocardial infarction. LAC is also associated with chronic spontaneous abortion.
Critical Value None
Follow-up Test *The lupus anticoagulant profile is a series of clotting assays based on the PTT-LA and the DRVVT with follow-up mixing studies and neutralization stages.
*A positive lupus anticoagulant profile should be repeated on a new specimen after 12 weeks to determine if the inhibitor is transient or chronic.
*The anticardiolipin antibody and the anti-beta2-glycoprotein I immunoassays are recommended for a complete workup of possible antiphospholipid syndrome.
*The diagnosis of antiphospholipid antibidy syndrome requires a clinical history of thrombosis and a positive laboratory test for LAC or anticardiolipin antibodies that persist for 12 weeks.

Associated With Venous thrombosis
Associated With Arterial thrombosis
Associated With Lupus anticoagulant
Associated With Spontaneous abortions
Associated With Coagulation factor inhibitors

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