OnCore Calendar Services (OCS)

An OnCore Protocol Calendar is needed for all studies that include clinical billable study activities. 

OCS is the centralized calendar building team for non-Cancer Center studies at UAB.  If your department does not have a designated calendar builder, the OCS team will work with your study team to register the study in OnCore and build the clinical calendar.

Calendar Build Process

After the study team submits the OCS request, a member of the OCS team will contact the study team once the calendar build been initiated.  The OCS team will guide the study team through the calendar build process as well as communicate expectations.

New Studies

For studies never registered in OnCore, the OCS team does the following:
  • Creates the new OnCore protocol shell
  • Builds the OnCore study calendar
  • Works with Clinical Billing Review (CBR) to ensure FAP-approved billable procedures are included and linked to the correct Charge Master items
  • Notifies the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) to add calendar procedures to relevant studies
  • Requests calendar validation from the study team prior to opening the study to accrual in OnCore
 OCS Website Figure 2018.10.26

Calendar Revisions
The OCS team also revises calendars currently in OnCore.  Revisions may be due to:
  • An IRB amendment
  • A FAP-approved billing change
  • The study team's preference or changes that do not require FAP approval(e.g., to condense arms or segments to enable better workflow in the calendar)

OCS Process Expectations
If OCS receives a request for a new calendar, or a request for a revision that affects the billable procedures on an existing calendar, OCS will initiate the calendar build after FAP approval is received from CBR.  If the request is for a calendar revision that does not include billable changes, a member of the OCS team will contact the study team when work is initiated.  The OCS team member will guide the study team throughout the process.

Requesting OCS Services

To submit an OCS request, please complete the OCS Calendar Request Form. Depending on the type of request, different information will be required.

Required information for a New Calendar Request:
  • Administrative information (contact information for the study team, IRB# if available, NCT# if available, Department, etc.)
  • Study Information (short title of study, target accrual, study type, etc.)
  • Study documents (Protocol, ICF, lab manual, etc.)

Required information for a Revised Calendar Request:
  • Contact Information
  • OnCore Protocol Number
  • Revision description (may be highlighted in the Excel version of the calendar)
  • Documents as relevant (updated protocol, ICF, CBR workbook, etc.)

Contacting the OCS Team

For questions or concerns, please email OnCoreCalendars@uabmc.edu

Naseem Anjum
Research Protocol Analyst/Calendar Builder

Emily Bruer
Research Protocol Analyst/Calendar Builder

Michael McEwan
Research Protocol Analyst/Calendar Builder

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.  We look forward to assisting you!

Calendar Resources

Here you will find useful information about the Oncore calendar building process from submitting a request to completion.
Minimum Footprint document – This document outlines the minimum required fields for the OnCore protocol shell.
OCS Calendar Request form – This is the form to request OCS services for a new calendar build or calendar revision.
Onsemble – This is the OnCore user community and training hub. Here you will find the OnCore Learning Portal with training manuals, recorded webinars, and other guidance documents regarding the functionality of OnCore.
Task Lists – These documents provide guidance for the tasks required to move a study from initiation to close-out.