Research Information

Founded in 1994, the Assay Core plays a key role in promoting excellence in CF science by developing and assisting with protocols intended to evaluate macroscopic CFTR function and subcellular localization. The Core aims to provide expertise in this area to CF Research Center researchers, as well as external investigators at UAB and other institutions, alike.

Activities fall under three Specific Aims:
-Provide Ussing chamber capabilities and expertise for testing vectoral anion transport in polarized airway epithelial monolayers.
-Provide florescent dye-based methods for evaluating CFTR activity in cells grown on coverslips.
-Perform immunodetection and immunolocalization for proteins relevant to CF pathogenesis, including CFTR.

Contact Information

Core users are associated both within and beyond the CF Research Center. There is no limitation on who may access the Core. 

For additional information regarding resources and services, please contact:
James Collawn.png
James F. Collawn, Ph.D.
Director, Assay Core