Research Information

The Expression Core was founded in 1994 and maintains a strong focus on translational aspects of CF science and research, as well as pursues basic aspects of CF cellular biology, ion transport, or organ physiology. The Core promotes multidisciplinary research by furnishing expertise concerning recombinant CFTR and other proteins relevant to CF disease mechanism. Technically demanding protocols and reagents for cloning and propagating adenoviral and other recombinant viral systems, and advances in gene suppression technology with sh- or siRNA, are also made available through the Core. These activities are organized through two Specific Aims.

The first of these aims is to clone new CFTR constructs and express these in recombinant systems using viral and plasmid-based protocols, generation of stable cell lines, and gene editing approaches.  This activity includes precise detection of expression in cells and tissues and distribution of cell lines generated by the Core.This includes maintenance of a repository of over 50 constructs containing CFTR mutations that lead to disease CFTR, together with gene editing and other molecular tools useful to CF faculty on our campus and the CF scientific community at large.

The second of these aims is to assist with studies of CFTR biogenesis and validate constructs generated by the Core by immunoblotting, immunoprecipitation/pulse-chase, surface biotinylation, and other biochemical means. The Core also maintains sh/siRNA capabilities for “knock-down” of CFTR and other cellular targets relevant to CF pathogenesis.

Contact Information

Core users are associated both within and beyond the CF Research Center; there is no limitation on who may access the Core. For additional information regarding resources and services, please contact:

Linawu Fu, Ph.D.                  
Director, CFTR Expression Core