Name (Department)
P&F Funding Dates Title
Dransfield, Mark (Medicine) 2009-2011 Relationship between CFTR activity and bioelectric function in inflammatory and muco-obstructive lung disease

Wang, Wei(Cell, Developmental Biology) 2009-2011 Molecular mechanisms of thermal-induced loss of ∆F508-CFTR channel function in a cell-free system

Hartman, John (Genetics) 2009-2011 A systems biology approach to the deltaF trafficking problem

Mrug, Sylvie (Psychology) 2011-2013 Development of spiritual coping intervention for youth with cystic fibrosis

Stalvey, Michael (Pediatrics) 2011-2013 Characterization of glucose regulation in the CFTR knockout rat

Gutierrez, Hector (Pediatrics) 2016-2018 Improving CF treatments in Chile