Associate Professor

Dept. of Surgery

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Office Address: VH G094
Phone: 205-975-9715
Websites: School of Medicine Faculty Profile

Research Description:

Dr. Raju’s laboratory is currently focused on investigating molecular mechanisms of acute and chronic inflammation using models in injury and autoimmunity, and tools in functional genomics and proteomics. He utilizes multidisciplinary approaches to problem solving. The following are the ongoing projects in his laboratory. One of the currently funded projects (National Institute of Aging) is to design and validate a mitochondrial gene chip. This rodent mitochondrial gene chip (RoMitoChip) will represent genes encoded by the mitochondrial genome and genes on the nuclear genome that are important in the structure and function of mitochondria. This focused microarray will be used in the laboratory to study mitochondrial gene alterations in aging and injury. His laboratory has recently identified a gene involved in neuronal migration to be regulated by hypoxia and impart neuroprotection. This and related hypoxia responsive genes are being investigated in his laboratory in the context of neuronal injury. In another project he uses NOD mouse that develop spontaneous islet inflammation and type I diabetes as a model to study chronic inflammation.


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