Dept. of Microbiology
Div. of Developmental and Clinical Immunology

Contact Information:

Office Address: SHEL 410
Phone: 205-934-6557
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                   Laboratory Website


Adelaide, South Australia 
BDS, Dental Science, 1969

University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 
PhD, Immunology, 1973

Post-Graduate Training:

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Postdoctoral Fellow, Immunobiology, 1973-5

Research Description:

The overall research plans of the Kearney laboratory are aimed at discovering fundamental cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the development of T and B lymphocytes.  Particular attention is focused on the factors involved in the establishment of a diverse B cell repertoire and the identification of novel B cell subsets and B cell progenitors.  These research plans involve the study of man as well as mouse.  My present research is focused on the following three areas which are not mutually exclusive but sometimes overlap between both species. These include development of the immune system, immune responses to bacterial organisms including the pathogens and opportunistic pathogens (Bacillus anthracis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, group B streptococci, Enterobacter cloacae, Aspergillus fumigatus) and the application of monoclonal antibody techniques to detection and treatment of potential pathogens including potential bioterrorism agents.


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