Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology

Contact Information:

Office Address: MCLM 554
Phone: 205-996-5099
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Beijing Medical University, China

University of Iowa
PhD, 1999

Post-Graduate Training:

Vanderbilt University
Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Description:

The long term goal of our research is to reveal novel regulatory pathways controlling G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) functions at the molecular and cellular levels and to understand how these regulatory mechanisms influence GPCR-elicited physiological functions in vivo, so as to provide new insights for therapeutic strategies. Current projects include: 1) regulation of alpha2A adrenergic receptor trafficking and signaling in native neurons exploiting gene knockin and knock-out mice; 2) regulation of adenosine-mediated synaptic plasticity and behavior; 3) neuroprotective functions of the alpha2A adrenergic receptor in neurodegenerative diseases.


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