Peng-JiBinAssistant Professor

Dept. of Medicine
Division of Nephrology

Contact Information:

Office Address: ZBR 625
Phone: 205-975-6130
Websites: School of Medicine Faculty Profile


Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Post-Graduate Training:

Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Postdoctoral Fellow, 1997-2000

Research Description:

Research in Dr. Peng’s laboratory is centered on the mechanism and regulation of calcium transport pathways. Calcium is a major inorganic component of the skeleton and serves as a key extracellular and intracellular messenger. Intestinal absorption and renal reabsorption of calcium play crucial roles in maintaining calcium balance of the body. Defects in calcium transport will cause numerous diseases such as osteoporosis. Toward a better understanding of calcium transport and its relation to hypertension, Dr. Peng’s laboratory is investigating the crosstalk between the calcium and sodium transport pathways in the distal tubule of the kidney. It is expected that a better understanding of the interplay of the ion transporters and their regulators will lead to a strategy to control blood pressure through the modulation of calcium metabolism. The other project in Dr. Peng’s laboratory is to identify calcium transport proteins in the osteoclast. Osteoclasts are specialized cells for bone resorption. Little is known about the calcium transport pathways in osteoclast. It is expected that an insight into the mechanism of calcium removal from the bone could be gained through the study of calcium transport proteins in the osteoclast.


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