The IRF-UCDC is housed on the 8th floor of THT and operates within the Transplantation R&D Program focused on both clinical and basic research. The facility is regulated by the FDA, the UAB Institutional Review Board (IRB), and the UAB IACUC regarding approval for use of human and non-human tissues for both basic and clinical research as well as ongoing clinical programs. The facilities are well-equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for both processing human and non-human tissues and isolating islets.

Islet Isolation
Mouse, rat, pig, non-human primate isolation available.  We also can generate both clinical and research grade human islets.

Islet Isolation Prices

  • Mouse Islet Isolation $20 per Mouse
  • Rat Islet Isolation $25 per Rat
  • Islet Equivalents (IEQ) for Human and Non-Human Primates are $0.10 per IEQ.

Please inquire about pricing for transplantation, histology, quality assessment, and non-islet pancreatic tissue. The following methods can be used to assess quality: size, viability, in vitro glucose challenge/insulin expression, cellular composition by FACS analysis.

Islet Cell Culture and Treatment
We can work with investigators to assess quality: culture conditions, in vitro treatments (genetic/pharmacologic), size, viability, functionality, etc.

Islet Transplantation
We are experienced in islet transplantation including:
  • diabetic animal models (mouse, rat, pig, non-human primate)
  • transplantation sites (portal vein/liver, kidney capsule, vascular implant)
  • assess quality: in vivo functionality (blood glucose, insulin, C-peptide, IVGTT, IPGTT)
  • procure animal organs, tissues and blood

Isolation of Non-Endocrine Pancreatic Tissue
We can isolate mouse, rat, pig, non-human primate, and human which may be useful to stem cell biology studies.

Isolate/Culture Islets and Non-Endocrine Pancreatic Tissue from Type II Diabetic Donors
Islets or non-endocrine tissue may also be assessed for quality as needed via: size, viability, in vitro glucose challenge/insulin expression, cellular composition by FACS analysis.

Histochemical/Immunohistochemical (DAB, Fluorescence, Tyramide Amplification, etc.)
We provide histochemical and immunohistochemical services to analyze intrinsic, isolated and transplanted islets.

Contact Information:
Stacie Bryant, BA - Manager,IRF-CDC
THT 855
John A. Thompson, PhD - Director, Division of Transplantation R&D
Devin E. Eckhoff, MD - Director, Division of Transplantation

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