The UAB School of Medicine Diversity Ambassadors work in partnership with Admissions and the ODI—Student Affairs Office to help promote the UAB School of Medicine and its ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.  Diversity Ambassadors serve in various capacities while on their medical school journey here at the UABSOM.  They are an integral piece to Interview Days, Preview Days, undergraduate student group speaking DAs AEDengagements/panels and pre interview dinners with prospects.   Diversity Ambassadors oftentimes make phone calls to aspirants who many have specific questions surrounding diversity, sense of community and belonging, and climate of our school.  They are key constituents at events such as Second Look Student Weekend and multicultural events that happen at the UABSOM throughout the year. 

“Having an effective office devoted to increasing diversity and promoting inclusion and a sense of community is vital to making sure our students have the platform needed to be culturally competent and ready to provide real sustainable change in healthcare and beyond," states Blythe-Tjia, who manages the diversity recruiting efforts for the UAB School of Medicine.

“Diversity Ambassadors show a commitment to promoting inclusivity and a sense of community for all, while exhibiting professionalism towards fellow students, prospects, staff and faculty.  Our Ambassadors believe in the UABSOM mission as it relates to diversity and inclusion.  Diversity Ambassadors foster and advocate for an inclusive learning environment; one that engages diversity to strengthen and maintain a positive educational experience for all of UAB School of Medicine,” adds Blythe-Tjia.