The eight domains of wellness include, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, spiritual and social aspects. It is important to grow and balance these domains to live a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. UAB offers a variety of resources to accommodate each of these domains that are available to faculty, staff and trainees.

UAB provides resources and opportunities to help employees live well — from a dynamic schedule of wellness programs and initiatives, to on campus tools, classes and screenings that make it easy to make healthy choices in the workplace.


Emotional wellness is being able to cope effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships with others. The School of Medicine Professional Development Office offers services for employees to work through any issues they may be experiencing. These services include psychiatry services and counseling servicesPhysician Counseling is provided if needed as well.

To be socially healthy, is to develop a sense of connection, belonging and to have a well-developed support system. It is easy to forget to feed this aspect especially in a fast-paced medical setting. Seeking assistance to maintain relationships and work life balance is an important aspect of social wellness. 


Intellectual wellness is recognizing your creative abilities and finding ways to further your knowledge and skills. Expand your knowledge of your specialty, or learn something new by utilizing UAB's partnership with Lynda Learning powered by LinkedIn.


Occupational wellness is feeling or having personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work. UAB Human Resources offers various career development  programs and leadership resources to further your skills and career. There are also risk management resources available to physicians.

Financial wellness is being satisfied with both your current and future financial situations. UAB offers Financial Planning services to employees that will help create a specialized financial plan. An individualized financial wellness counseling session will help you gain a better understanding of your financial situation, while teaching you the best options for managing your finances and paying off debt.


Physical wellness involves physical activity, eating healthy, sleeping well and anything else that effects your physical state. Both Urgent Care and Primary Care doctors are available to accommodate any minor illness or urgent care needs. Campus Recreation offers clean facilities and affordable memberships that can be bought at a discounted price for faculty and staff. A major factor of physical and occupational wellness is sleep. To help reduce fatigue, UAB offers counseling and meditation services. For new mothers, lactation centers can be found at multiple locations on campus when employees return from FMLA leave.

Recovery from addiction is an aspect of wellness that can affect multiple domains. The School of Medicine offers on-campus counseling for substance use and UAB Medicine offers off-campus counseling for substance use.


Spiritual wellness is feeling a sense of purpose and meaning in life. It can be accomplished by spending time in meditation or prayer. UAB Pastoral Care offers services for both employees and patients to accomodate any spiritual needs.