By John I. Kennedy Jr, MD

Well Be Wisdom

One of the many disruptions of the past three years has been the deferral of routine preventative healthcare. It has been estimated that roughly one-third of adults in the U.S. delayed or avoided routine care in the first year of the pandemic alone. I confess that I was among them. I hope that you were not, but if you were, there is a great opportunity available on campus now.

The UAB Wellscreens program provides screening for all employees who are eligible for a medical plan. In 15-minutes you can have blood pressure, BMI, blood sugar, cholesterol (total, LDL, and HDL), and triglycerides measured. Participation in the Wellscreens program also earns points toward cash benefits in the UAB My Health Rewards program. Wellscreens will be available at multiple sites during April and May, including the UAB Hospital West Pavilion 1st Floor Atrium. Register for a time here.

If you have not had a preventative care visit recently, or if you are being treated for diabetes, hypertension or elevated cholesterol, Wellscreens offers a quick and convenient way to get a check on some of the important aspects of your physical well-being.


April 7, 2023