Have new faculty? Let us know, so that we can shine a spotlight on them in our weekly Good News email and provide a warm welcome to the UAB Department of Medicine.

Typical announcements include a brief statement of interests and responsibilities to describe their roles within their respective divisions.

Some examples to help guide your introduction are below.

Lynn T. Matthews, MD, MPH (Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases) joins our faculty from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Matthews is a clinician-researcher who has developed transmission prevention strategies for HIV-affected men and women who want to have children. She has more than 10 years of experience with African populations and numerous publications on the subject of HIV and reproductive health to her credit.

Ashley Vorenkamp, MD (Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine) joined our faculty this month. Dr. Vorenkamp trained in our internal medicine residency program and was a member of one of our first cohorts of Clinic Exemplars. She is a primary care physician, and she is accepting new patients at Whitaker Clinic.

Matt Gravett, MD (Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases) has recently joined our faculty. His research focuses on sexual health outcomes and HIV prevention among sexual minority populations in the Deep South. He treats persons living with HIV and at risk for HIV at UAB's 1917 Clinic and 1917 PrEP Clinic as well as the Birmingham VA Medical Center.