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Human Resources

DOM Human Resources, including Division HR, supports 415 Faculty and 1,200 staff in all HR-related needs. HR is the main liaison to UAB, UAB Medicine, UAB Health System and UA HSF in the delivery of HR functions within the DOM. Recruitment, Onboarding, Promotion, and Tenure, etc. are some functions that fall within Human Resources.

Faculty Promotion & Tenure

Helpful Hints for DOM Junior Faculty

  1. Maintain Your CV – Keep it up-to-date in the required format. Standard SOM CV Format.
  2. Create Portfolios – Begin immediately, as soon as you are “on board”, to create and maintain portfolios for teaching, research and service. Document concurrently everything that you do – all activities. The Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure (APT) “package” should be built over several years. See SOM Promotion/Tenure Instructions.
  3. Critique APT Package – Have your APT “package” critiqued by several faculty members prior to submitting to the DOM APT Committee. Incorporate changes as needed.

Promotion - Tenure Award Information

Seminars & Resources

2021 Performance Evaluation

International Visiting Forms

International Visting Scholars ProcessingFive Point Letter for IVS Clinical Packet

Important HR Forms


Great faculty are at the core of every great university. At UAB we are committed to attracting and developing the best. This guide provides instructions and resources to assist with faculty recruitment as well as assisting the search committee. If you missed the Faculty Recruitment Workshop on Friday, February 21, you can review the PowerPoint presentation here.

View the DOM Recruitment Flow ChartView the Faculty Recruitment ProcessRecruitment Guidelines & Processes

Please view the UAB Guidelines for Recuitment Candidates During COVID-19 here.