Helpdesk site is 24X7 accessible to submit your IT requirements and issues. 

We provide prompt services through our helpdesk system where you can create a help ticket reporting any issue regarding following:

New Computer Setup
Setup and configuration of UAB-owned computers will be performed per UAB and DOM guidelines. Personally owned machines can also be supported after they are inventoried.

Software Installation and Maintenance
General assistance with software installations and maintenance will be provided. Proof-of-purchase must be presented for titles not freely/officially available through UAB.

Website Updates and Maintenance
We can assist on any requirement on new articles, modules, design modification, development, forms, and content modification for the websites we are managing for you.

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting
We will help in diagnosing and resolving hardware related issues. We will also work as a liaison for parts replacements.

Printer, Copier, and Fax Machine Support
Though such service will be limited to basic support, we will gladly assist with setup and configuration. Advanced troubleshooting will be routed to manufacturer or authorized resellers.

Computer Surplus and Disposal
We work with UAB Equipment Disposal to properly surplus supported computer equipment.

You can also create a helpdesk ticket on anything else regarding your IT requirements or issues.  DOM IT members will contact you at their earliest possible time.

Welcome to DOM IT

naz4Welcome to the IT website for Department of Medicine (DOM)!
We are a team of professionals committed to providing and supporting cutting edge technologies important to the mission of DOM. Our sole philosophy is to create the best technological environment for our residents, clinicians, researchers, and fellow staff. To reach that goal, we strive to upheld a customer-centric culture and continually look for opportunities to foster improvement. We also constantly reevaluate our efforts to conform to our core values that include service, integrity, respect, transparency, and accountability.

I invite you to explore our pages to become oriented to general information, important news, and exciting new initiatives and offerings. So that we can serve you better, I welcome your suggestions and inputs.


Nazmul Islam

Information Systems Manager II
Phone: (205) 934-3616
Fax: (205) 934-1477