Peral Web1Pictured above L-R: Doug Royal, Dr. Moma Fouad, Slyvia Peral, Shane Wiley, and Dr. Isabel Scarinci

Sylvia Peral has been selected as the Department of Medicine Employee of the Year for 2019! Sylvia is a Program Manager in the Division of Preventive Medicine.   

Sylvia has been with the division for several years and is a valued member of the team. She is a very productive employee, contributing positivity in her work by helping others. Her primary responsibility is evaluating large multi-site partnerships. Sylvia also conducts qualitative interviews—a skill she took the initiative to learn on her own. For many projects, she has to spend time out of the office working in underserved communities, which requires flexibility to adapt to all types of situations.

Sylvia always projects a warm, cheerful attitude and lifts the spirits of those around her. Her steady and cooperative manner helps ground the team when things seem to be spiraling out of control, and she is consistently able to improvise in any given circumstance. Sylvia treats everyone with respect and goes above and beyond to provide support to anyone she comes in contact with the Division, Department and community.